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Every Day Counts

When students miss school, they miss important instruction. In addition, when students are absent, the PYLUSD does not receive State funding for that day – regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused. So you can see, every day counts!

Simply by increasing school attendance by 1%, the PYLUSD would receive more than $1 million. This amount would make a huge difference in saving student programs and services during the State’s fiscal crisis.

“Every Day Counts” when it comes to instruction; financially it makes a difference to our district as well. The district receives a full day’s revenue if a student is present all day or any portion of the day. You can help: if a family trip or medical appointment is necessary, please bring your child to school for part of the day so he/she can be counted. If your child is ill, PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME TO GET WELL.