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About Topaz Elementary

Our vision at Topaz is to provide an exemplary education for all of our students. Our goal at Topaz Elementary is to provide each student with a challenging and rigorous curriculum appropriate to his or her academic level. We believe every child can achieve academic success. To this end, every child will be provided with quality instructional experiences that recognize, support, and maintain high expectations for all students. Parent involvement has always been important at Topaz Elementary School. Students benefit from parents who play an active role in their child’s education. Through team work, open communication and a dedication to continuous improvement, we will continue to be a school where each child is challenged, nurtured and provided with a safe and stimulating learning experience.

School Description

Topaz Elementary School is located in Fullerton, California. Topaz School has approximately 611 students K-6. A preschool SDC classroom of approximately 15 students and a preppy K with 28 students are also on the Topaz campus. Five preschoolers come from off-campus for speech therapy. There are 17 regular education classrooms, a preppy K class, kinder SDC class, and preschool SDC class. Approximately 86 percent of our students are English learners, and the mobility rate is approximately 10 percent. Students are provided a comprehensive curriculum, which includes reading, language arts, mathematics, history/social science, English language development, visual and performing arts, physical education, and health. Two computer labs and a library-media center along with four centrally located computer pods provide additional educational opportunities through the use of technology. A total of 51 staff members, including 18 regular education teachers, a preppy K teacher, SDC kindergarten teacher, and a SDC preschool teacher are employed at Topaz. Other staff members include a principal, Title I resource specialist/ELD coordinator, part-time psychologist, special-education resource specialist, part-time speech pathologist, two part-time music teachers, a part-time P.E. teacher, library media clerk, school secretary, office clerk, computer aide, school readiness facilitator, one RSP aide, six special-education aides, five noon supervisors, two custodians, and a part-time health clerk. Topaz also offers the Community After School Academy (CASA) for students in grades 2-6.

Parental Involvement

Topaz encourages an active partnership between educators and parents in order to maximize the learning experience of all students. The Title I resource teacher works with the principal and other staff members to coordinate parent involvement. The Topaz School Site Council meets quarterly to provide input regarding school programs, budgets, school governance, and school projects. For more information, contact Blanca Gibbons, SLI coordinator, at (714) 993-9977, ext. 43213. In addition, the English Language Acquisition Committee (ELAC) meets quarterly to provide input regarding the English language development program and other issues affecting English learner students. Topaz offers a variety of training sessions for parents, including phonology classes, ESL (through Adult Education and NOCCC), and family events. We also offer frequent parent-teacher conferences to allow parents to work together with their children to increase understanding of the school curriculum and learn strategies for helping their children at home. CBET English classes are available. Child care and School Readiness Preschool are available to children of all parents attending English classes. For more information contact Christa Borgese at (714) 993-9977. Parents are also involved in field trips, Red Ribbon Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, School Pictures, Quarterly Award Assemblies, Annual Parent Conferences, Volunteer Appreciation Tea, Spring School Celebration of Academic Success, Jog-A-Thon fundraiser event, Holiday Program, and end-of-the-year family celebration. For more information on how to become involved at the school, please contact the our office at (714) 993-9977.

School Safety

The administration and staff of Topaz are committed to providing quality educational programs in a safe,orderly environment. Topaz Elementary School’s Safe School Action Plan, includes a crisis plan, established discipline policies, mechanisms that involve addressing school safety issues, how to respond when feeling threatened or in need of assistance, and a truancy-reduction program. The plan also promotes an educational environment where students, parents, staff, and community communicate respectfully with all cultures, races, and religious backgrounds. The plan is reviewed with staff and parents. Monthly drills are staged for students and staff to practice procedures in case of an emergency. Topaz staff is committed to providing the opportunity for students to learn in a safe, orderly environment and to developing socially responsible young people. The fall parent packet includes the Topaz Behavior Plan.It is to be read and signed by student and parents. It clarifies the behavior expectations and discipline procedures used to provide a safe campus for all students. During parent conferences in the fall, all students, teachers, and parents sign the Home School Compact and pledge their participation in supporting a safe learning environment.

Accountability Report Card

For additional information about Topaz Elementary, including school statistics, test scores, and other noteworthy information, check out our Accountability Report Card.